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Rosita’s Quest for Health update 

Day 3.   I feel good …


I knew that I would!!!


One day of prep… Then spent two days just making sure that I was on track. Went out today with my lunch kit packed plus extra water.

The January Gym Goers

The January Gym Goers.

Your Shopping Annuity Fund

The Holiday Season is upon us. Do you know that an estimated $640 Billion $$ will be spent during the holidays. The question is DO YOU WANT A PIECE OF IT?? Did you also know that Black Friday sales has gone down while Cyber Monday and online sales has sky rocketed upwards!

Why is that? The current trend is shopping online and the internet isn’t going anywhere but up. For the Entrepreneur and savvy shopper who takes full advantage of this Pardon shift, there is money to be saved and earned.

What if I could show you how to

1) Save money on your shopping and NEVER pay full retail again

2) Earn Cash Back on products you buy every month

3) Start your own Shopping Annuity Fund


What is a Shopping Annuity Fund you ask?? Annuity by definition:

An annuity is any continuing payment with a fixed total annual amount. Annuity may refer to:

So would it make sense if you could feed your own Shopping Annuity by transferring your shopping habits?? Of course it would right?

If you could own an Amazon….would you? That would be great but unfortunately Amazon does not pay into your Shopping Annuity.

How did I set up my personal Shopping Annuity Fund and pay myself for all the shopping I do anyway to keep my home going? I bought a online franchise. Look at the link on my site “Shopping Annuity Fund” and you can read all the details on stating your own shopping annuity. Not only can you earn income on your own shopping but also all the internet traffic on a daily basis as well as Cyber Monday shoppers.

Why would you consider this? Because It Just Makes Sense.



Immunity Boosting

Did you ever give thought to why you are the only one in the office who keeps catching the same cold, fever and flu even when you are careful about your hygiene? Your immune system is very complex and made up of various organs, tissues and cells. Besides for your skin, your immune system is a first defender to keep the bad bacteria (germs) out. That being said, we need to pay special attention to taking care of it all year-long.

There are certain habits and activities that can boost or breakdown your immunity.

1) Making Healthy Choices: Choosing foods that are packed with nutrients is key. Adding brightly colored fruit and vegetables such as Red peppers, Broccoli, Strawberries, Blueberries and Kale will give you a boost. Stay away from processed food, sugar and trans fats. I realize holiday time is upon us so splurge a little but not every day. Making the wrong choices can weaken your immunity resulting in a miserable winter.

2) De-Stress: I understand we all have stress, especially if you are a parent. But chronic stress can wreak havoc on your immune system as well as encourage belly fat to be a permanent fixture. While your body is under stress cortisol is released and can impact your immune system in a negative way increasing your chances of getting sick.

3) Sleep longer: How much sleep you need varies for each individual. A good start would be 8 hours a night. As you sleep your body recharges giving it a chance to build immunity back up. Usually if you are sick added sleep is a necessity. I also noticed when I get more sleep my face looks younger. (Very important to me)

4) Supplement daily: Adding these supplements can really make a difference in the quest for good immunity and general health.

Vitamin C
Promotes optimal immune functions
Provides antioxidant protection
Promotes normal regulation of heart functions
Promotes cognitive health
Reduces the inflammatory response
Promotes skeleton, muscle and skin health
Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels

Vitamin D3 with K2
Promotes normal bone mineral density
Promotes healthy arteries
Supports immune health
Helps maintain bone health
Helps maintain bone mass by supporting normal osteoclast activity
Helps maintain cardiovascular health
Promotes elasticity of blood vessels
Helps maintain normal blood pressure
Women with low bone density have been found to be deficient in vitamin K

Derived from Coneflowers, Echinacea is said to activate immune cells

Elderberry found in the supplement Isotonix Immune:
Boosts the body’s natural immune response
Clinical trials have shown that Wellmune® promotes a healthy immune system
Promotes beneficial activity of macrophages, T cells and natural killer cells, which engulf and destroy – pathogens and foreign matter
Promotes healthy energy levels and vitality
Improves mental clarity

My family and I all take the isotonix immune and Isotonix OPC-3. You can read about them under the tab – “Nutrition for Life”

Exercise often:
Adding fitness into your daily routine is so important to keeping your immune system healthy. Your body was meant to move… keep it moving. Exercise improves your mood, your metabolic rate and is De-stressing! All of these will help with immunity. Take a brisk walk after meals. This will help move along your digestive tract.

Final thoughts:
Make Healthy Choices


The Best Shampoo for Your Hair Type

The best shampoo for your hair type is out there.  The first step in finding the perfect shampoo is really understanding the type of hair that you have.  So many us make the mistake of purchasing items because it is the popular trend but may not be good for your hair.  In order for hair products to work effectively, they have to be utilized efficiently.  We all desire glorious, healthy locks.  The first step in achieving these locks is to begin with a moisturizing shampoo that will gently cleanse your hair and set the foundation for amazing conditioning and styling. 

Here are some recommendations for the best shampoo for your hair type:


Dry Hair

FIXX Argan Oil Shampoo 19.95


-Head and Shoulders Clean 8.99

Curly Hair

-Beautiful Curls 12.00

Thick Hair

-Bed Head Control Freak 10.20

Shopping Annuity

This information is from the CEO of Market America/ Amazing business advice.

So often we speak of the importance of building your Shopping Annuity – and becoming a Product of the Product. We speak of home assessments and removing negative products – but still many of you are failing to leverage the amazing power of our Shopping Annuity.

This incredible video from this year’s World Conference in Miami does a great job of explaining this vital concept. I hope it helps you form a better understand of the Shopping Annuity – which will ultimately help you convert spending into earning! It’s amazing what happens when you get paid to shop!

The Shopping Annuity is a huge part of your success – but if you really want to take your business to the next level you need to be at our upcoming International Convention in Greensboro, NC!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

7 Beauty Benefits of Honey

7 Beauty Benefits of Honey.

7 Beauty Benefits of Honey

Did you know that honey is one of the best finds in nature? It’s sticky and sweet, but also has healing properties that you would never expect. Used throughout history as a sweetener and medicinal healer, the beauty benefits of honey have also stood the test of time. Loaded with antibacterial properties, antioxidants and wonderful flavor, you really can’t beat a little honey. Check out this round up of the beauty benefits of honey.


7 Beauty Benefits of Honey

  1. Natural cleanser and exfoliator.
  2. Forms collagen and helps heal acne scars.
  3. Conditioner! Mix with shampoo for silky gorgeous locks.
  4. Amazing moisturizing properties for face and body.
  5. A spoonful of honey will take on anti-inflammatory effects – giving you glowing youthful skin.
  6. Moisturize chapped lips – just apply honey directly to your lips.
  7. Mix papaya and honey for a face mask that will leave your skin glowing!

Pretty incredible, isn’t it? Who knew the beauty benefits of honey have been hiding in your pantry all along?

How to Keep Skin Clear Naturally

How to Keep Skin Clear Naturally.

How to Keep Skin Clear Naturally

Maybe your New Year’s resolutions don’t always fit into one of the most common top 10 – perhaps they are more health/beauty related? I always try to create a balanced list of goals for the coming year and 2013 is no different! Keeping skin clear naturally is one of the most important to me because even though I am a beauty junkie who loves trying all different kinds of pots and potions, the more you learn about how to keep skin clear naturally, the less you need to rely on dozens of products for glowing, flawless skin.

Combined with a simple and effective skincare routine, these tips will help you keep your New Year’s resolution for clear skin.

keep-skin-clear-naturallyHow to Keep Skin Clear Naturally

  • Stock your fridge with these 5 foods.
  • Stay hydrated and drink lots of plain water or coconut water.
  • Only wear makeup – especially heavy cosmetics like foundation and powder – when necessary.
  • Keep out of the sun!
  • DIY and create your own all-natural exfoliating scrub at home.
  • Introduce chamomile into your life. You can both drink the tea and let it cool off to use on a cotton ball as an all-natural toner for your face.
  • When washing your face (and body) in the winter, stay away from hot water! Use lukewarm.
  • Follow a short-term detox if you find that your pores and skin need extra cleansing.
  • If you think your skin issues may be related to food you eat, check with your doctor about following an elimination diet for a few weeks.

Have you learned anything about keeping skin clear naturally? Please leave your tips and tricks in the comments! xo