Your Shopping Annuity Fund

by RosannGlobal

The Holiday Season is upon us. Do you know that an estimated $640 Billion $$ will be spent during the holidays. The question is DO YOU WANT A PIECE OF IT?? Did you also know that Black Friday sales has gone down while Cyber Monday and online sales has sky rocketed upwards!

Why is that? The current trend is shopping online and the internet isn’t going anywhere but up. For the Entrepreneur and savvy shopper who takes full advantage of this Pardon shift, there is money to be saved and earned.

What if I could show you how to

1) Save money on your shopping and NEVER pay full retail again

2) Earn Cash Back on products you buy every month

3) Start your own Shopping Annuity Fund


What is a Shopping Annuity Fund you ask?? Annuity by definition:

An annuity is any continuing payment with a fixed total annual amount. Annuity may refer to:

So would it make sense if you could feed your own Shopping Annuity by transferring your shopping habits?? Of course it would right?

If you could own an Amazon….would you? That would be great but unfortunately Amazon does not pay into your Shopping Annuity.

How did I set up my personal Shopping Annuity Fund and pay myself for all the shopping I do anyway to keep my home going? I bought a online franchise. Look at the link on my site “Shopping Annuity Fund” and you can read all the details on stating your own shopping annuity. Not only can you earn income on your own shopping but also all the internet traffic on a daily basis as well as Cyber Monday shoppers.

Why would you consider this? Because It Just Makes Sense.