Month: March, 2013

Calcium and Vitamin D Boost Body Fat Loss



If you, like millions of other people, recently just started a new diet for your New Year’s Resolution, you may be in luck. A recent study shows adding calcium and vitamin D supplements to a calorie-restricted diet may boost the loss of body fat more than the diet alone.

Losing Body Fat

The Study

Chinese researchers from the Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences in China tested 52 obese or overweight adults. All participants were asked to follow an calorie-restricted diet (-500 kcal/daily), but half were randomly selected to take a Calcium and Vitamin D supplement, and the other half were given placebos.

The calcium and vitamin D group achieved 55.6% augmentation of fat mass loss compared with the control, despite the face that there was no significant difference in body weight change between groups,” researchers noted in the Nutrition Journal.

About a quarter of the US adult population is obese, and even more are considered overweight. Over 300,000,000 adults are considered obese worldwide, according to statistics from the WHO and the International Obesity Task Force.


Metabolism Boost For Women

The market is full of metabolism boosters for women.  I think it’s common knowledge that as we get older, our metabolism (unfortunately) slows down and we don’t burn as many calories like when we were younger!  Metabolism is often associated with weight loss, however our metabolism is a key component in sustaining the reproduction of cell growth.  A healthy metabolism encourages good digestion, glowing skin, and overall great health.  As women, we muti-task throughout the day and expend a lot of energy.  To ensure that our bodies are working to its max, we may need a little assistance.

Here are some delicious metabolism boosters for women:

– Water

– Grapefruit

– Green Tea

– Oatmeal

– Broccoli

– Pears and Apples


Tea That Helps Your Body

The next time you take a sip of your favorite tea, you may not know that you are doing your body a huge favor.  Tea contains high levels of antioxidants, which take on the “free radicals” in the body and prevent them from harming the healthy cells.  Antioxidants prevents disease.  Also, teas contain fluoride which benefits your teeth and helps with bacteria that cause bad breath.

The next time you go to your favorite bar, I have a few suggestions that will not only taste great but help keep your body healthy and strong.

Here are a few teas I recommend: – Green Tea: known for it’s weight loss benefits, green tea also helps to lower stomach, esophageal, skin, lung and breast cancer. It is also very good for the immune system.

– Black Tea: Helps to lower cholesterol.

– White Tea: Helps prevent colon cancer, builds the immune system and fights tooth decay.

– Ginseng Tea: Treats common illness and heart disease.

– Ginger Tea: It is most effective in relieving upset stomachs: however it has also been used to reduce inflammation and tone the muscles of the digestive tract.

– Mint Tea: Helps relieve gas pain and calm the digestive system.

Hibiscus Tea: help lower blood pressure and cool the body.






Are You Suffering of Lack of Sleep?

Are you suffering from lack of sleep?  You are not alone.  Did you know, more than 30% of the population suffer from insomnia and approximately 10 million people in the US use prescription sleeping aids.  Sleep is necessary part of life.  We are told that we need to have at least seven hours of sleep per night to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  With our busy lifestyle and our ambitious spirits to get all of our tasks complete, sleep may take its place at the bottom of our list.
However, we must take care of ourselves and to help you, here are some tips to get you ready to enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep:
1. Avoid caffeine and alcohol in any form 4-6 hours before bed.  They are both stimulants which will keep your body alert.
2. Avoid vigorous exercise 3-4 hours before bedtime.
3. If you must take a nap during the day, keep it under an hour.  Also take your nap before 3pm.
4. Practice mediation.  This will help to calm the body during a wind down period.
5. Minimize noise and lights.  Have an atmosphere of quietness.
6. Read a book.
7. Take a hot shower before bed.  It relaxes tense muscles.
8. Practice yoga.

Foods That Fight Inflammation

You are what you eat and having inflammation is something you want to avoid.  Here are few foods to try that can lower inflammation.

  • Chocolate and wine.  Red wine has anti-inflammatory chemicals like reseveratrol.  Dark chocolate 70% or higher protects against inflammation, and research suggests that hot cocoa does too.
  • Giner and Turmeric.  Either dried or fresh, are among the most healthful spices.  Among herbs, try a sprinkle of fresh rosemary.
  • Omega 3 fats.  These are among the most potent anti-inflammatory foods.  Best sources: fatty fish like salmon and tuna; walnuts and canola oil.
  • Red onions, tomatoes, broccoli, red grapes, berries, and oranges are all packed with chemicals called flavonoids that have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Trans Fats: More and more research shows that they drive inflammation.
  • Rancid fats: Don’t heat oil to the point that it’s smoking, since that oxidizes and turns them info inflammation boosters.  Also, avoid old peanut butter.
  • White Starches.  Flour, sugar, white rice, and instant mashed potatoes for example, all cause quick spikes in blood sugar levels, cause the production of advanced glycation and products that spur inflammation.
  • Animal Fats: Food high in egg yolks, red meat, poultry contain high amounts of arachidonic acid a molecule in the body that creates inflammation.
  • Thanks Loren