Month: February, 2013

Reading labels

While in the food store you are presented with many choices. Let’s take peanut butter for starters. I grew up on Skippy, how about you? As a young adult I was partial to Jiff. Fast forward to the present after being educated as a health coach on ingredients and reading labels, I soon realized what I was eating and serving to my family was a processed food product with too much sugar, chemicals and bad oils.   In my home we eat Crazy Richards peanut butter. Do you know what is on the ingredient label? PEANUTS!(Period) . When I run a wellness/weight loss workshop I spend a lot of time educating on how to read the label. Read your labels! For information on my next workshop contact me at Image

Burning Calories

Burning Calories.

Simple swaps For Low-Gi Living

The glycemic Index (or Low-Gi) is a numeric scale that indicates how quickly certain foods-especially carbohydrates-are converted to sugar in the blood stream. While food with a lower Gi rating will only cause a moderate rise in blood glucose,those with high ratings can cause much higher spikes,which quickly lead to decrease in satiety,an increase in hunger,lower energy levels and unwanted weight gain. In contrast Low Glycemic eating (the foundation of my beliefs and coaching) paves the way towards satisfying hunger and maintaining steady blood sugar levels to avoid dramatic surges and falls. This ultimately leads to more energy levels and healthy body composition.

Example of easy swaps would be:

Instead of white potatoes………….choose Sweat potatoes

Instead of white rice…………………choose Quinoa

instead of white pasta……………….choose a Lo GI pasta or spaghetti squash







Last week my youngest son turned 13. Yikes! Another teenager. What to do………..puberty begins. All in one week I have a new teenager, who has a new girlfriend and is blasting music. You got the picture.One thing I realized when my daughter was a teen……give them the choice to make their own decisions (even if you know best). Usually they’ll make the right one. When my daughter was 15 we moved and she needed to change schools in her freshman year.She was NOT happy to say the least. I drove her back and forth each day to complete the school year. I told her if she really did not like the new school after one year ImageI would drive her back to the old school for her Jr and Sr year. Over the summer between sophomore and Jr year she said “I want to go back to St Hubert’s”. I did not argue I said OK and submitted the papers. Before September she came back to me….”Mom I think I should go to school here”. Ahhhh I gave her the POWER to make the best choice and she did. 

What have your experiences been with your own children? Young or old? What story can you share that may help other parents out?

Burning Calories

Ladies building muscle is so important for burning calories and excess fat. Did you know that fat burns about 3 calories a day and muscle burns 30-50 calories a day. HUGE difference right. Don’t be afraid to lift more weight at the gym. It take a heavy amount of weights lifted to build like Arnold. Lean arms and shapely legs will help you look and feel great. Remember MUSCLE DICTATES METABOLISM!  Image


What is your idea of optimal wellness? Is it a certain weight,size or shape? I want to hear from you. My personal idea of optimal wellness has evolved over the years from a certain weight and size to being as fit as I can be and no need for any medications. lol. So let me hear you…..what can you share with me on this subject?Image